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The Pegasus, Britannia's curraghPlease note, if you wish to join us or any other re-enactment group it will actually involve you having to leave your computer keyboard and social media sites… ¬†and go outside in the fresh air.

So before you take up our time, and yours in applying… do think carefully about that fact and it’ll save us all a lot of time!

Are you…

Over 18?

Reasonably healthy & fit?
(can you play a friendly game of football without collapsing)

Of a robust nature? (Warning: Re-enactment, by its nature isn’t always for the sensitive. Don’t join if you’re easily upset or offended, we do not set out to exclude or offend anyone, but any group of people have different ideas and outlooks, not everyone’s sense of humour is the same… so don’t join if you can’t take a joke).

(No loners please)

Do you:

Have your own transport?
or means to get to a show and training.

Have a sense of humour?

Mind the outdoor life?
(Conditions can be basic)

Can you:

Be reliable?
(Turn up when you say you’re going to).

Put up with appalling weather & conditions for a weekend

Be versatile
(Dress/act a variety of ancient cultures if required…
I don’t want people who are anti-Roman, anti-Saxon etc, if a job requires it, you’ll do it)

Britannia is a battle re-enactment society with a living history wing.
If you feel you are capable of getting involved in combat you will need to understand that it carries all the risks of a full contact sport. There is a risk of serious injury (some re-enactors have been killed at historical events in the UK, USA and Europe), we will do all we can to minimise serious injury but in a full contact presentation in variable conditions the risks are always present.

If you accept this, you need to satisfy us that you can behave and perform accordingly and safely.

If you do not feel that combat re-enactment is for you then you may want to consider living history presentations.
This involves talking to the public and or craft demonstrations. (Even then, there are risks in this area that you need to be made aware of).

As a society firstly we are there for the audience in everything we do.
This means that our fighting style is show-combat based and NOT competition combat.
The entertainment and safety of the audience (or film crew) are paramount.
The education and safety of the public at our living history camp is also of vital importance.

Still keen?

Then click here.