From sketch to set!

To date, Britannia has worked on over 100 television productions.

These are a real diverse range of projects from serious documentary productions such as Simon Schama’s landmark series A History of Britain, Channel 4’s Gladiator Girl, Life and Death in Rome and various episodes of Time Team through to more light-hearted productions like Horrible Histories, (all seven series), The Agency, Celebrity Gladiators (Chris Eubank v Nigel Benn), Blue Peter, New Tricks and even science fiction dramas such as Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.

A montage of our gladiators in action

We have also worked on our namesake series Britannia for Sky Atlantic (Series 2 and 3 so far). Set in Iron Age Britain, just after the Roman invasion and conflict with the Southern tribes.

We provided skilled extras and Britannia’s Dan Shadrake worked in an advisory role, even providing the odd storyboard.