A Macedonian warriorBecause of our versatility Britannia have taken part in many projects that constitute a total departure from our normal historical periods.

We provided Republican Romans for TV’s Battlefield Detectives, time-travellers in BBC’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere (Crucial Films) and were called upon to reconstruct and demonstrate a floating cork filled tunic used by the spy Pontius Cominius in a programme about ancient espionage and stealth technology (Wild Dream Films 2008).

Recently, as part of our research into gladiatorial games, we have looked at the origins of this spectacle and have reconstructed the equipment of captured Thracian prisoners of war as well as A Samnite warriorother cultures that encountered the Roman military machine in the first Millennia BC, these include Gauls, Germanic tribes, the people of Israel and Macedonians.

Our professional approach and attention to detail remains the same. We are also happy to pass work on to societies and specialists we feel can handle the job appropriately. Please refer to our links section for people we recommend.