“It was a pleasure working with Dan and Britannia, they made the experience of making this movie fun and less stressful.

They were brilliant, provided creative ideas and very professional throughout the shoot, we’d certainly want to work with them again.”

Vito Rocco. (Director: ‘Faintheart’).

“Watching the rushes from Britannia’s comedy gladiator fight made me laugh out loud, we wanted a funny and thrilling fight… what they gave us was pure genius, as hysterical as Time Bandits.”

Christian Rigg (Producer BBC children’s comedy: ‘Horrible Histories’).

“Britannia provided us with excellent, exciting footage and were on hand with props and people to make our production run far easier, I can’t thank you guys enough.”

Mike Ibeji (Director: ‘Life & Death in Rome’).

“Britannia: the greatest living gladiatorial troupe I’ve seen!”

Caroline Lawrence (Bestselling author: ‘Roman Mysteries’).

I have no idea what makes grown men act like this!

Janet Street Porter (Someone really important in television).