Feature Films

A montage of our team on the set of `Gladiator'Britannia have worked on seven feature films;

Robin Hood (Imagine Entertainment/Relativity Media/Scott Free Productions 2010) – Britannia took part in this new epic in various locations in the UK (Guests of Clan Ranald/Combat International). Director: Ridley Scott.

Centurion: (Director: Neil Marshall 2009) – Britannia featured heavily in the combat scenes and Dan Shadrake of Britannia advised on the drill and co-ordinated the Roman army in the battle scenes.

Faintheart (Vertigo Films 2007) – Britannia were initially consultants, but
also played the evil opposition ‘Alan’s Lot’

Gladiator (Scott Free Productions, 1999) – Britannia played Roman soldiers and Germanic warriors in the opening battle scene. We were also called in as consultants.
(Again, we were also used in a critical archery scene).

Blackadder Back and Forth (New Millennium Experience Co. 1999) – Britannia portrayed Robing Hood’s henchmen.

First Knight (Hunt Lowry, Jerry Zucker 1994) – Britannia played ‘King Arthur’s bodyguard’ (we were also used in a critical archery scene).

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (Morgan Creek, 1990) – Britannia played ‘The