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Are you passionate about history and interested in becoming a part of a re-enactment group?

Train with a group of combat-reenactors, hone your crafts demonstrations or spend time interacting with the public to share your passion and knowledge.

Britannia is the home to a like-minded community of history lovers who are interested in researching and creating period accurate displays with an approachable and fun team!


Please read before applying to join us!

Combat Displays:

Britannia’s fighting style is based around show-combat, meaning its main purpose is to entertain our audience and not to harm our opponent. In our training, we learn and build on choreographed sequences to create a dramatic but safe display. At Britannia we firmly believe that the entertainment and safety of our audience (or film crew) is paramount so if you are looking to take part in competition combat, this group is not for you.


Living History Presentations: 

As a society, our living history presentations involve talking to the public and or craft demonstrations. We are a supportive group that boasts a wide range of skilled crafts people but most importantly when we attend an event, we are there for the audience in everything we do. The education and safety of the public in our living history camp is also of vital importance.


Group Training:

As a group we meet to train 2-3 times a year. If you wish to take part in combat-displays it is crucial that you attend training sessions each year to make sure your training and safety is up to date to allow you to perform safely and behave accordingly.


On average take 8-10 bookings a year. 



Combat displays carry all the risks of a full contact sport and a risk of serious injury. Re-enactors have been killed at historical events in the UK, Europe and USA so as a group we take safety very seriously. We do all that we can to minimise serious injury but in a full contact presentation in variable conditions the risks are always present.


Member Requirements:

You must be:

  • Over 18 to apply.

  • Reasonably healthy & fit (can you play a friendly game of football without collapsing)

  • Sociable (It helps)

  • Have your own transport or means to get to a show and training.

  • Have a robust sense of humour! We are an inclusive community that likes to share a good laugh. Re-enactment by nature isn't for the sensitive and easily offended! 

  • Comfortable with outdoor life! The weather doesn’t always go to plan at an event and sometimes that can involve setting up, camping, working and packing down in the rain.

  • Reliable (turn up when you say you’re going to!)

  • Willing to dress/act out a variety of ancient cultures if required. We value all our time periods and don’t want members who claim superiority over another period or who are anti other time periods.

  • Ready to get outside in the fresh air and leave social media behind!

Still keen?


Thanks for submitting!

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