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Combat Displays
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Britannia is a battle re-enactment society with a living history wing. As such a society, its roots are firmly planted in the spectacle and pageant of the numerous groups that performed ‘historical presentations’ for the public before the advent of living history.
We provide a safe, but exciting mock combat to entertain a family audience. Providing a thrilling and fun experience for the public and our clients.


Living history & experimental archaeology are relatively new disciplines that have grown out of the academic/research side of historical re-enactment, many archaeologists, television production units and authors now regularly consult re-enactment groups and individuals on a range of subjects.

Our living history team includes some very skilled craftspeople who can sometimes make things at an event.
We also have demonstrators and interactive displays of ancient technology, food, board games, writing, map making and medicine. (Subject to people's availability).

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Film & TV

Britannia has been used as background action personnel in many television and major film productions such as Robin Hood (2010), Horrible Histories, Gladiator (1999) and Blackadder (1999).


While we are not qualified stunt people, we do provide a service of realistic background personnel for combat, fighting formations and military drill.
We use the best source material for this aspect. Sometimes reference for how people dressed, fought and acted as a fighting unit, is thin on the ground, but we work within the realms of realism, practicality and of course safety.
In some cases we have been asked to advise and coordinate scenes involving large amounts of supporting artists.

Film & Tv
Living History


To date, Britannia has worked on over 100 television productions, some of which include:

Britannia: Series 3 (2019) | Sky Atlantic 
Set in Iron Age Britain, just after the Roman invasion and conflict with the Southern tribes.

Britannia: Series 2 (2018) | Sky Atlantic 
Set in Iron Age Britain, just after the Roman invasion and conflict with the Southern tribes.

Horrible Histories (2009-2015) | CBBC

Life and Death in Rome (2005)

New Tricks (2003) | BBC 1

Gladiator: Benn v Eubank (2003) | CHANNEL 5

The Agency (2000) | CBS

A History of Britain (2000) | BBC 1

Neverwhere (1996) | BBC 2

Blue Peter | BBC 1

Gladiator Girl  | Channel 4

Time Team | Channel 4

We provided skilled extras and Britannia’s Dan Shadrake worked in an advisory role, even providing the odd storyboard.


Robin Hood  (2010)
Director: Ridley Scott

Britannia worked with Entertainment/Relativity Media/Scott Free Productions on this epic, in various locations in the UK (Guests of Clan Ranald/Combat International).

Centurion (2009)

Director: Neil Marshall

Britannia featured heavily in the combat scenes and Dan Shadrake of Britannia advised on the drill and co-ordinated the Roman army in the battle scenes.

Faintheart (2007)

Director:  Vito Rocco

Britannia worked with Vertigo Films as consultants for the production and played the evil opposition ‘Alan’s Lot’.


Director:   | Producer: 

Britannia worked with Scott Free Productions as consultants, played Roman soldiers and Germanic warriors in the opening battle scene and were used in a critical archery scene.

Blackadder: Back and Forth (1999)

Director:   | Producer:  

Britannia worked with New Millennium Experience Co. to portray Robin Hood’s henchmen.

First Knight (1994)

Director: Hunt Lowry | Producer: Jerry Zucker 

Britannia played ‘King Arthur’s bodyguard’ and provided reenactment for a critical archery scene.


Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Director: Kevin Reynolds 

Britannia worked with Morgan Creek Entertainment to play ‘The Celts’.

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Reenactment periods

From Iron Age to WW1, find out what time periods we cover and how we could bring them to life.

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